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Re: New Comparison site for EV emissions

Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:45 am

Well this is interesting anyway.

Since I bought my Spark EV in AZ, 1st I checked that zip code and it came back with 86mpg equivalent but then when I checked my home zip code in Illinois, it came back with 53. So I'm not sure if that means our they are expecting our electricity to be less clean or what? Locally we still have nuclear power, wind power AND natural gas with a very small percentage of coal but other parts of Illinois is still have a lot of coal burning. Solar is really not an option here (not enough sunny days to gleam anything from solar panels and you won't see solar panels on roofs like we do in Sunny Phoenix, AZ area where its more the norm than exception) I actually have YET to see a home here with solar panels actually.

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