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HP- tuners question

Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:20 pm

Has any one tried to use hp-tuners i have seen volt owners have had some luck with the program removing tq management and getting them to down right fly i use the program allot but have yet to plug into a ev car !

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Re: HP- tuners question

Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:18 am

Hitmanws6 wrote:.... the program removing tq management ....
Removing Traction Control to make tire smoke?
Do you know what a stock Spark EV drives like?
Used '14 2LT w/ DCFC.
+63k miles. Only one LONG visit to the shop....
GM needs Modern Troubleshooting tools for Modern EV's.

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Re: HP- tuners question

Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:24 am

Programming for a better torque map would be nice but not if you run the stock tires as they are strictly for range. In summer I run R compound tires and have no issues with traction off the line. I have had my 14 spark for 2.5 years and can tell you the weight balance is excellent for handling and stopping but not FWD off the line accelleration. Lowering and adding sticky tires will cost about 5 miles on range but will turn it into a go cart on rails. It also gets rid of the twitchy rear end at high speed. I can go right upto the 90 mph speed limiter fully stable. So, yes reprogramming would really benifit my car the way it's setup. A stock sparkev with hard eco tires will actually accelerate backwards faster then forwards, as it seems torque management is less and traction is better going backward with the weight transferring to the drive wheels. I also notice 30 to 50 mph (in forward) has a kick, it's just as the motor torque maxes out and the torque management let's the motor go more full out. It's one of the fastest cars 30 to 50.
I have already contacted hptuners, trifecta and others about programming as gm released the ecu/can bus software for the 14's, but it's too small of a market on these cars. I use hptuners on 2 other cars I own and if you know what your doing, it's really nice to mod the engine and transmission shift maps. Now i would imagine adding torque off the line would also suck more power out of the battery which not good for range for sure as a heavy foot kills the range. I'll continue to try to get this programmed, if anyone else gets this working, let me know.

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Re: HP- tuners question

Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:45 pm

mitechman47 wrote: gm released the ecu/can bus software for the 14's, but it's too small of a market on these cars.
^ Does this mean this info is in public domain somehow or how exactly does one get a hold of this information?

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