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Spark, iMiEV, or Leaf

Sat Sep 01, 2018 5:31 am

Looking to get in under $10K for a car for my college kid, who gets FREE charging at university (6 J connections under 2 garages, 2 on open lot). We live only 3 miles from Univ., so nights and weekend charging an option as well.

Test drove a Leaf (nice get up, soft suspension, roomy, well-equipped), but concerned about getting one with a good battery (even though live in KC, KS, so if local car, shouldn't be too bad compared to a southern car). Test drove an iMiEV and LOVED the sporty suspension and high visibility; concerns about crash testing, because if she were going to get hit, it would likely be in the city (not interstate) but some crazy speeder running a red light. The PRICE on the iMiEVs are very attractive, although as of this moment, cannot find one close enough to tow in one day that has the desire quick charging port.

I honestly do not know much about the Spark, except the kwh being slow like the iMiEV. I would want the CHAdEMO/quick as we have several in town, for a 'bad moment' in time, lol. Charging, for now, would be at Univ. for next 4 years, then likely at a home after that, although several employers have stations here, so who knows.

I want a safe cabin (crash test), reliable. She wants bluetooth, CD player (priorities, lol), and space for the guitar. City car only, she can borrow my AWD ICE for any road trips, as I'd gladly take her EV. (I love what I have driven so far, fun, responsive, no emission, and QUIET. Honestly, though the iMiEV was quieter. I have tinnitus and there was no mechanical vibration/body to road noise I pick up in ICE's and the Leaf in the iMiEV.)

Thanks for any thoughts, input, and/or ads for used. I can haul back on a trailer as long as this doesn't become a 3 day affair, prefer one long day to haul.

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Re: Spark, iMiEV, or Leaf

Sat Sep 01, 2018 6:15 am

Is $9500 for a 2015 2 LT with CHADEMO a good price? (It has the orange cover just under the j plug, so that is the DC port, right?) Appears to have been a lease in northern Cali.

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Re: Spark, iMiEV, or Leaf

Sat Sep 01, 2018 8:10 am

yes that means DC Fast charge.

I've seen mixed reviews on Carvana... a lot of them seem to be showing up with more degraded batteries than those bought elsewhere.

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Re: Spark, iMiEV, or Leaf

Sat Sep 01, 2018 2:04 pm

Thanks, Chris!

It's with a non-Chevy dealer, not Carvana. I don't think I could buy a car I never saw or drove.

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Re: Spark, iMiEV, or Leaf

Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:20 am

I think all 3 sound like good choices due to the circumstances (even a LEAF with moderate degradation, because it will still likely have the same range, if not better, then an I-MIEV). Personally, if I could only have one vehicle, most of my driving was local, I wanted to drive mostly electric, with a $10k budget , I'd probably be looking at a first gen Chevy Volt. Chances are, she's going to want something else in four years and unless fuel prices are SIGNIFICANTLY higher than today, the Volt likely was the best resale value.

I'd like to hear which way you go (as I'm sure everyone else here would as well). Good luck.
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Re: Spark, iMiEV, or Leaf Joplin...

Wed Nov 07, 2018 3:54 pm

Really sharp 11 sl ocean blue.Original owner garage kept,4244 miles...In Carthage on CL for Joplin....asking 10.5 k no connection to owner...

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Re: Spark, iMiEV, or Leaf

Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:00 am

The LEAF has CHAdeMO DC Fast charge the SPARK EV has CCS. So be sure which you really want many new cars and sites are all going to CCS. Like 500 locations across the US for I'd go with CCS.

FOR SAFETY the SPARK EV is tops. MiEV is very weak. Low range very sub standard from owners I know.

I love the SPARK EV. Any chevy dealer can fix and do warranty work on them. Not true with the others. If your in a southern us state heat degrades the leaf, fast charging also degrades it. I has 2 and never want a leaf.

My 2016 spark still goes 100 miles per charge w 20k miles on it. It charges faster on Fast charging than any car I've had. At home I just plug into 120 ac and it's always ready . On board is only 3.3 kW charging but the 120 ac at .8 kw is fine most of the time.

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