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Re: Battery Degradation vs Battery Limited Warranty

Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:28 am

agdodgerfan wrote:I honestly don't think that's accurate I think it doesn't take into account region because when I did try and track in the past it was all over the place. ...
Huh, mine has variations but in a small range. And then you can average that. I'm not gathering data this time of year bc I plug in at work and at home and never use more than 50%.
I hate winter. :oops: I have to buy electrons to drive the car this time of year, bc I want the pack to be in the happy temp range. :cry: :)

It's just some additional data.
It would be great if you could gather some additional data points to compare to the one time PBD-II measurement.

And then post them here !!
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