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Winter tires, wheel sizes, and looking for wheels

Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:03 pm

Got a used 15 Spark EV on the cheap a couple months ago; the front tires will need replacing before long, and the traction trouble I've had esp in snow makes me think perhaps I should have a set of winter tires. Mounting and balancing twice a year sounds like a bit of a bother, so I've been considering also getting extra wheels.

I can find inexpensive gasoline Spark wheels and tires. I don't know much about wheel sizes and mounting concerns. I guess the gas Spark uses 6Jx15 ET45 wheels all round with 185/55R15 tires - just like the Spark EV's front tires, while the EV uses 195/55R15 on 6.5Jx15 ET54 wheels in the rear. How much of a problem is the wheel difference? I see some sources talk about minus sizing in winter, is that really inapplicable to a car that starts with such small tires in the first place?
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Re: Winter tires, wheel sizes, and looking for wheels

Tue Feb 11, 2020 8:56 am

According to this thread the fronts will fit on all 4 corners so if that is the gas ICE specs it should work.
https://www.mychevysparkev.com/forum/vi ... php?t=3842

I always thought the rear tires were wider because of the extra weight on the back tires from the battery. When cornering hard the front tires slide before the rears kick out (under steer). I think wider tires (not necessarily rims) would be nice on the front.

The thread above also discusses the widest tire that fits on the factory rims if you are searching for better grip.
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Re: Winter tires, wheel sizes, and looking for wheels

Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:16 am

Tire Rack claims they know this car.
One of their alloy wheel / tire combos with TPMS installed and ready to mount might be a good deal.
It looked like cheap alloys were similar to steel wheels.
I looked into it a few years ago.

I ended up with summer wheels and 195 tires all around.
All Seasons, stock sizes, on the stock wheels for the winter.
You'll need a TPMS relearn tool. Cheap on,,, you know where....
I bought really cheap AS tires on that place too. I'm not having any problem with those tires!

But then again,,, you could get some new front A/S tires and forget about it.

Winter has to be ending soon,, Right? :(
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