Chevy Spark EV Availability

Oct 2013 Update: The Chevrolet Spark Electric Vehicle is currently on sale in Oregon and California, and GM says it has no plans to make it available in other parts of the country. In October 2013, GM started selling the Spark EV in South Korea, and GM plans to sell the Spark EV to fleet customers in Canada in 2014.

US Spark EV Availability

In the USA, the Spark EV first started showing up in a few California dealerships on July 18th. GM has since told us the first Spark EV was sold on July 19th, and GM managed to sell 27 of them before the end of June. The Spark EV is currently available in California and Oregon.

Original Spark EV Availability Plan

The Chevy Spark EV is set to go on sale in South Korea in 2013.

In the US, the Chevy Spark was initially going to be available in August or September of 2013, but Chevy spokesperson Annalisa Bluhm recently told press that if everything goes to plan, the Chevy Spark EV will be in dealerships by July of 2013. Initially, the Spark EV will only be available in select dealership in Oregon and California, but Chevy has said it plans to offer it nationwide at a later date.

On June 1, 2013, Tom Pospisil, general manager at Eriksen Chevrolet Buick in Milan, Illinois told a local TV reporter that he expects Chevy will eventually offer the Spark EV in the Midwest. This would be inline with Chevy’s claims that the Spark EV is not just a compliance electric vehicle. If available in the Midwest, which so far has a fairly low level of EV interest, then we can assume the Chevy Spark EV would be available nationwide similar to the Chevy Volt.

In Europe, Chevy has said the Spark EV will first be offered in Q1 of 2014. However, in November 2013, GM said it has no plans to offer the Spark EV in Europe.

For Canada, the 2014 Chevy Spark EV will be offered as a fleet-only electric vehicle for 2014.

21 Responses to Availability

  1. DJB says:

    Am totally annoyed that I cannot lease a Spark EV in Georgia!

    • DJB says:

      Those are my initials and I am annoyed too! Although I’m in WA, somehow CA and OR get them but not us. I hate the games GM plays, same as the EV1 which I hear was a great little car as well. They just want you to know they can do it, but they really don’t want to actually give up gas quite yet, especially when it has higher profit margins. GM, you can kiss my white @ss

      • chicat says:

        Are you lazy or what? Is there anything keeping you from making a short jaunt to OR from WA to purchase one? How do you think those of us that live on the East Coast feel? Maybe I am missing something here though.

    • allen cofield says:

      I agree I want a Spark in Georgia. I thought it was see the USA in a Chevy not just Oregon and California.

  2. JD says:

    Mercedes dealer is offering the Smart EV for sale in Oct in VA… It would be nice if I could buy a Spark EV instead?

    • Bob Foss says:

      Yes. The Smart EV is nowhere near as good just as the SmartCar doesn’t get good reviews from consumer publications.

  3. Michael Drummond says:

    I am living in D.C. Metro area and also would purchase this vehicle if it were available here. C’mon Chevy!

  4. John Dalton says:

    I was considering a Smart ev, or a Fiat ev or a Spark ev.
    The Fiat has the look I like and performance similar to the Spark, but the ground clearance is just horrible.
    The Smart seems not peppy enough, though I love the look.
    The Spark seems to be my best choice, but when can I buy one in New York City?

    How do I get a quick proof of residency in California or Oregon?

    • admin says:

      Perhaps never – GM is not trying hard to spread it around the country. Proof of residency should be easy enough 🙂 There are plenty of people buying the Rav4 EV (only available in California) and having them shipped all over the country. The only issue you run into is if servicing/warranty needs to be handled in California or not…

  5. JC says:

    Stop crying worms!!! GM is using Oregon and California as test markets. If enough people buy them there, then they will move to sell them in more states. They probably started there because there is an electrical infrastructure there (public charging stations, etc). Why blame oil?

    • chicat says:

      Exactly! The same thing for Volt. If you are patient, it will soon come to your state with a much reduced price. I am leasing a 2013 Volt for a terrific price. Couldn’t be happier! 5 stars in virtually every category. No one needs to look farther than Detroit (the good ole USA) ANY LONGER. If you don’t believe this, you are probably one of those that purchase Southwest Air tickets on their website with the blind faith that their fares are always the lowest (actually this is quite rare).

  6. Mike says:

    Go to California and buy one. I did and ship back to Texas.

  7. Mike says:

    You don’t need proof of California resident. I had zero issues to register in Texas

    • Bob Foss says:

      Our Chevy dealer here says they’re not equipped to service Spark EVs…maybe your Texas dealer is.

    • Chris Seay says:

      Mike – I just had a Chevy Spark EV shipped here to Houston Texas. Have you had any problems getting service at a local dealership?

      • Ravi Patel says:

        Hi Chris

        I am in houston and would like to speak to you about bringing the EV here. Would you be willing to talk to me about it?

  8. Bob Foss says:

    The Spark EV recently was rated highest among a group of EVs tested by Car and Driver. I suspect Chevy will have to spread the Spark EV nationwide as it has yet to launch the EV it is talking about. Of course, Volt is available who want to contend with gasoline engines, but the real motive for GM might be that many companies will be bringing EVs soon—Mercedes, Kia, VW…and Tesla has announced a 200-mile range EV for about the same price as the Leaf. Leasing is the only common-sense way to go on these, but I hope Chevy soons sees the light, unless they’re waiting to bring out a bigger EV, but I doubt they have none in the bag.

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