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Re: "Camper conversion on my 2015 eSpark"

Sun May 23, 2021 9:19 am

This is amazing! I just got a used 2016 Spark ev and am so interested in doing some of my own travel camping across the US in it - how did you get around charging it? My main issue so far has been the limited miles it can charge to complete in such a long time, and with such spare available chargers in unfamiliar places, I worry about running my charge down and needing a tow.

Also, I've seen similar stories from people in say a Prius who could run climate control when needed, and I foresee that being a possible issue; did you run into any problems with that, or were you just very careful with coordinating your trip with the weather?

Thank you, this is really such a great testimony that it's a possibility!


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