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Re: Double Drive Batteries/Range

Sun Apr 04, 2021 5:41 am

Infinion wrote:
Sat Apr 03, 2021 7:34 pm
1... I will rebuttal that there is no such thing as a 400V high voltage battery,.. (for the Spark EV) to reach 363V nominal...
2. I don't want to get too off topic here, but I wanted to point out, NORTON, that you have played devil's advocate ... regarding questions about changes or modifications to the hybrid drive systems.....
..., but please don't spread apathy. .....
3. ...[Bolt v Spark EV with an extra 600lb battery pack, packed in somewhere...]
And it remains a 5 seater, not a dangerous 2 seater. ...
4. ... This is the kind of attitude I'm talking about....Reserve your judgement for when those individuals take blind risks without said due diligence.
5..., all cell-level information can be accessed by the serial interface on the BECM with the use of a 3rd party CANbus dongle. ....
6. It sounds like you've marked the car for your next EV conversion! Should be very fast with its 650kg curb weight. Perhaps with 0.7g-0.8g peak acceleration.
1. Right. I just used 400VDC as an example. That's what DCFC stations are nominally rated. (Some are now 800VDC also.)
2. Guilty as charged. I rain on parades.... :( Why modify the EV drive system? (not hybrid in this case). SW could be hacked, but why? It works great stock. Now put it in a car weighing 1/3rd!
3. So where does this 600lb 2nd battery pack go? Ty-rapped in the passenger compartment?
The stock Spark was already beefed up to become the heavier Spark EV.
It is a somewhat safe, cheap, Korean S-Box of an econo car with all the air bags. Why modify a crappy little Sbox? Why throw a dime at it?
4. Guilty.
5. Sure, the second pack could be talked to and managed on it's own. But what about the Big Switch that changes the car from original to this secondary pack,,,, (strapped down somewhere in the back?)
6.That's right! Did you see the article from way back then where the Trihawk pulled more Lateral G's than a current (for the time) Lamborghini?

I guess when my great, great, grandaddy said to me "Dammit Norton, why can't you leave well enough alone?", I finally am taking his advice. :)
But,,, put the Spark EV components in a light weight 3 wheeler using as much of the stock systems as possible, Well,,,,
You have the potential for a wicked fast fun machine!!
I'd even leave the ABS/traction/stability controls all working. That could be accomplished by putting both rear wheel speed sensors on the one rear wheel.
Kids, we all know what tire smoke looks like, right? 8-) Did you know you are faster without it? :shock:

Good catch on my temporary mod while I was giving my stock 12V battery a proper Capacity Check at work. Load tests don't tell the whole story.
I safely strapped in a lighter 12V battery.

Again, instead of modifying this already modified Gasser Spark, (The Spark EV), go test drive a cheap purpose built 2nd Gen EV, The Bolt. 3 times the range, just a few bucks more.
And then put your energy into a fast purpose built 3 wheel EV! It would be licensed as a motorcycle, making it easier to get road legal!
'14 Spark EV 2LT w/ DCFC. 91k miles.
'17 Bolt Premier w/ It All! 59k miles.
GM needs Modern Troubleshooting tools for Modern EV's.
3 step Trouble Tree, 1st try, nope, 2nd try / cost $800. 3rd try fixed it.

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