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Reprogram BMS to use full cell capacity of 2014 LFP pack

Tue Jun 08, 2021 4:29 am

Both my 2014 sparks are aproaching 100k miles and are down to 55 miles on the guess o meter at full charge. These A123 cells are rated for 3.6 volts at full charge and 2.5 volts empty. But I've noticed both cars only charge the cells to 3.35 volts. Is there a way to change the GM BMS programming so the cells will charge and balance to the A123 specs ie 3.6 full to 2.5 empty? My warrantee is almost up and I was thinking I could get some range back.

I have found a source for LFE pouch cells of the same physical size with better amp hr ratings so as far as I can see it would possible to rebuild the pack and get better than new range of around 115 miles even without being able to change the BMS parameters. It's a long but interesting diy project.

I am also looking to buy a complete used pack for a 2014 spark if anyone has one.

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