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Re: Software Version Tracking

Sat Jun 20, 2015 10:07 pm

Spark. The cadaver I bought used for 3 grad.
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Re: Software Version Tracking

Wed Jul 22, 2015 1:52 pm

I am having a very difficult time getting the dealer to update my software. I have 16.1-95281509 and from the numbers you other 2015 QC cars are receiving (such as 16.25-94511142, 16.26-94511142, 16.31-42354648) I can tell i don't have the latest. I asked them to update it two weeks ago but they wouldn't (because they said there was no issue). Then I went to quick charge 2 nights ago and the car wouldn't charge. The nrg evgo support team said this was a known problem and GM could update my software to fix it. Boy was I pissed - it cost me 2 hours and dinner with my family. So i went back to the dealer this morning and they said i had the latest. wth? So i called the gm electric vehicle support team and they couldn't tell me what the latest version of software is. So I called Chevy support and all they could do was set me up with an appointment at another dealer. This is crazy - how do they not have access to software version numbers?


Re: Software Version Tracking

Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:39 pm

2014 no Quick Charging:15.82-95281509

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Re: Software Version Tracking

Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:26 am

tearhart wrote:2014 no Quick Charging:15.82-95281509
Interesting! That's the first mention we've had of the 2014 No QC running anything but the original firmware. Did Chevy update your Spark, or did it ship with that version?

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Re: Software Version Tracking

Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:17 am

fengshui wrote:I'd like to track Software Versions for the Spark EV, in case anyone gets an upgrade that we can request. Here's what I have so-far:
2014 No Quick Charging: 15.41-95281509, 15.82-95281509
2014 Quick Charging: 15.82-95281509
2015 No Quick Charging: 16.11-95281509
2015 Quick Charging: 16.1-95281509, 16.25-94511142, 16.26-94511142, 16.31-42354648

Can owners of models in the above list look up their software version and post it here if I don't have it, or if they have newer than is listed?
My 2014 w/QC has 15.41-95281509.

I can't say "no issues" because it wouldn't QC when I first got the car May 2015 and I don't know what the firmware revision was at that time. My local Chevy dealer agreed to work on it and eventually they fixed it after throwing many new parts at it. I believe they updated the firmware as well (Aug 2015).

I write this note because I am following the Russian guys who are hacking MyLink. They've upgraded some MyLink units to firmware 24.5-42341011 ( ... 1%80%D1%8B

Interesting stuff.

-Bob K.
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Re: Software Version Tracking

Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:03 pm

I know this thread is pretty old, but I wanted to share what I think is the current software version.

It appears that for 2015 and 2016 vehicles it is now 16.40-42475606. I do not think it matters what trim level or if you have DC fast charging or not.

If you enter your VIN number on under A11 radio, USB file transfer, UF7, 1CZ48, you will see the software version for the USB memory stick which is uploaded to the radio. Either 42475606 for 2015 and 2016, or 95281509 for 2014.

The software update process is to install the update from a USB memory stick, then update the "calibrations" afterward. I was able to update my vehicle myself, but I had to purchase a scantool (VXDIAG VCX NANO for GDS2) and I had to purchase a 2-day subscription to to access the updates. I did this because the car dealer was unable to do this for some reason and my car is out of warranty. It did take me a while to figure all this out, and it is kind of a difficult and buggy process.

One thing I learned is if you get an "invalid SMD file" message when trying to install the USB memory stick, you will need to set the car clock to 00:00 01/01/2011 first then try again. I could not get my date to stay changed, it kept changing back to the current date, until I toggled the automatic clock sync setting on then off again. Also, since my vehicle is a 2014 I had to fool it with a 2015 or 2016 VIN to get to 16.40. The newest version I could download with my VIN was 14.7. I think the radios which shipped on the cars had newer versions, mine did. Looks like they dropped update support for the 2014's...

After I updated everything, I was able to use development mode to enable Mirror Link by copying the Russian ClientAppInfo.bin file posted on . I have not been able to test the Mirror Link, due to my old Samsung S4 being incapable...but the icon is there now.
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Re: Software Version Tracking

Fri Mar 10, 2017 5:23 am

Thanks for posting this!
At first I was thinking you are playing with fire. But you got it to work.

Now, in plain english can you describe what added features you got and what is new about the SW?

Thank, N
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Re: Software Version Tracking

Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:49 am

Well I do not see any new features with the software updates, except it looks like there is a new item in settings "usb setting (mtp only)" which is grayed out. Maybe you can set this if you have USB MTP media attached?

The download subscription does not include access to the technical support bulletins (you can get to them for an additional fee), and there is no summary of what changes are in which revision. I suspect there are possibly updates to the Windows CE operating system software, to the Siri Eyes Free function, stuff like that. No added functions really. Keep in mind I am updating the infotainment system only, not the vehicle subsystems. Each module in the car can be updated individually, for example the brake control module may get an update due to a safety recall. I only updated the radio.

Generally you do not need an update if you are not having any problems. In my case I got a new radio under warranty due to the screen going blank last summer. After the new radio was installed I would get an error in reverse because the backup camera feature was enabled but I do not have a backup camera installed. The dealer could never resolve this. After the update I no longer get this error in reverse. Now that I know more about how all this works, I think the dealer could have requested a VCI (Vehicle Configuration Index) number to resolve this configuration issue for my VIN. Alternatively, if you have a backup camera installed I do not see why you could not request a VCI to enable it in the radio software calibrations.
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Re: Software Version Tracking

Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:29 pm

Have you noticed bluetooth connects faster? That's my only peeve with the current firmware in my 2015. Takes 30 seconds to a minute to get bluetooth audio streaming to start up (well for my phone to show connected on the screen). When the car starts it defaults to radio which is somewhat annoying.

Would love to be able to send a Vehicle Configuration Index to enable a camera! Would be willing to send you a camera from ali express if it meant you figured out how to get it to work! ;)

Is there anything else the VXDIAG VCX NANO for GDS2 is useful for?

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Re: Software Version Tracking

Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:13 pm

No the bluetooth still blows, no change that I can see. I configure my android phone to use the bluetooth for call audio only, and not media audio. That way I can listen to the radio and get the navigation directions from the phone speaker. Otherwise you have to select bluetooth audio source on the radio every time you get in the car or you do not hear the directions. Horrible. I think it might work a little bit better with an iPhone, have not tried.

The VXDIAG can be used without an additional subscription fee to check for DTC's and reset them (diagnostic trouble codes), can check all kinds of parameters and settings, maybe even do some data logging. It is not so easy to set up and use, you will spend some time swearing, surfing for answers, and tinkering with Windows. Here is a link with some screen shots and setup info, but it does not go exactly as they say and you do not get much in the way of directions with the unit: ... interface/

No thanks on the camera, thought I would do this for a while when my radio was showing the backup screen. Now that I have updated the software the option is gone. You need to pay another $50 for 2 days access every time you want to update the programming. This would be a better project for someone who works in an auto repair shop which has annual subscription, that way you can play all you want.
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