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Re: Bolt/Spark Battery Swap?

You know, for a short while, I was seriously considering developing an aftermarket drop-in Spark EV battery replacement (with greater range, of course). But, the numbers just don't make sense. With what, 7500 cars in existence? How many need new batteries right now, today? How many will this year? next? Sure, over time maybe, but that still isn't sustainable. Now, if a company made after-market batteries for EVERY older 1st generation EV, it might make sense; but even then, such a company would still probably decide that there's not enough critical mass to support the Spark. I may create a new post: "how many forum members have actually replaced their batteries? How many need to right now? How many planning to in X years?" Of course, with Chevy discontinuing the battery, this has become a real problem. But on the other hand, no matter how much I love the car, I don't know if I would ever spend $15k + labor to replace the battery in my Spark.

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