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Excessive Tire Wear, Erroneous Mileage Prediction

My 2016 Spark EV right front tire is excessively worn after 29k miles. The alignment is fine, the pressure has been ok, so is there another reason this might happen, like which wheels actually propel the car? Is there any wear/warranty coverage on these original tires? I live in Los Angeles, so who makes a reasonably priced tire for this area? The well rated one Costco sells, the Bridgestone Weatherpeak, would cost about $250 out the door. That's a lot for one little tire on a 7 year old car that might need a new battery soon, and seems to be really hard on the right front tire.

Also, after a full charge, the display indicates my range is about 50 miles but the actual range, as indicated by the odometer, is usually about 70 miles. How do I get this corrected?

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