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Waiting for a warranty battery replacement, has anyone else got a replacement battery?

Hey friends!

Here's our story-
We have a 2015 Spark EV that we bought in 2018. It has about 56k miles on it. At the beginning of August we had an issue where a bit of water got into the parking brake button, this caused a glitch in the computer. At first it threw a "service parking brake" message and wouldn't fully initialized. After letting the switch dry out a bit it stopped throwing the parking brake message, but wouldn't fully initialize and the battery charge would show 70 or so miles but then immediately go down to 3 miles. At this point my mechanic friend helped me pull the p brake button. It had some corrosion, so I sprayed it with deoxit to see if it'd make any difference. It didn't and continued to do the weird non-initialization start. I tried pulling the negative on the 12v battery a few times but it didn't make any difference.
At this point I decided to take it into the dealership, thinking that the main computer needed some sort of a reboot. To my surprise they said the main drive battery was faulty, and would be replaced under warranty. I was very skeptical that this was actually the problem, as the battery had been just fine prior to the parking brake getting moisture in it. They told me it would take "a couple of weeks" to get a replacement battery in. It's now been more than 8 weeks waiting for a battery and according to the dealership nothing has been sent as they are waiting for a "refurbished battery" to come in.
Has anyone actually had their battery replaced under warranty lately? Doing a bit of research there was talk of Chevy not having replacement batteries, and then they flipped and said they were switching suppliers in April of this year. I've also heard of the possibility of GM buying back a car that they don't have the parts to fix under warranty. Any ideas or advice on the situation?


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