Chevy Spark EV Price

Announced slightly ahead of the 2012 LA International Auto Show, the 2012 Chevrolet Spark EV will be priced under $25,000 after federal tax incentives. This price puts the Spark EV slightly more expensive than the Mitsubishi i which can be had for $21,625 after incentives.

The 2014 Chevy Spark EV will be available in the following colors: Black Granite, Summit White, Silver Ice, Titanium, and of course Electric Blue.

The Spark EV builds on the proven electric drive system used in Chevy’s development programs and in the currently available Chevy Volt.

Although Chevy says the Spark electric vehicle is not a compliance vehicle, the Spark EV will be available only in Oregon and California, at least initially. Chevy plans to roll the vehicle out to other markets, including South Korea, later in 2013.

When Gm was asked why they chose to make the Spark an electric vehicle, they said they wanted to use an existing vehicle chassis, and the Sonic was still being developed. GM also added the Spark’s mission in life is like that of an electric vehicle, in that both are designed to be great city runabouts.

Cutaway of 2013 Chevy Spark EV showing the battery pack placement

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  2. love my volt…why can’t I get a spark in Indiana? seems like a joke that you have a desirable product people want and you will not market it… the Koch brothers really own gm? confusing this gm co…..again…love my volt

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