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    [Video + Article] Strategies to reduce Li-ion Battery Degredation

    A couple of weeks ago, there was this Engineering Explained YouTube video that took some excerpts from a couple of sources to discuss some of the worst things you could do to an EV battery. Eng Exp vid: source 1: (Lithium-ion...
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    [Article] Partially Reverse Battery Degradation in NMC Li-ion Batteries

    Did anyone catch this article in '22? I'd lost the article and was only just now able to type in the right keywords to uncover it again. Article and the paper...
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    Massive Update: MyChevrolet App Route Planner / On the Go Charging Feature

    Yeah, you need an active service plan with OnStar. I think it's around $15/mo now.
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    Sudden charge problem

    My guess is the 12V battery has gotten weak or died. 12V is needed to engage the contactors for charging. When you unlock the car and get in, are all the interior lights dim? Do the dash and infotainment screens boot up? Is the EV driveable or does it fail to start? Actually, it could make a...
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    DC fast charge option installed successfully

    That's a great deal. Make sure to carefully inspect the parts and note any damaged connectors or wires, as that may require some repairs or replacements to get operational. I'm using a VCX Nano which, unlike OBD II scanners, has more hardware for programming and is controlled by a PC/laptop via...
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    2016 Spark: What went wrong? Predicted and actual ranges used to agree.

    What range prediction mode are you using? See the pair of images below. The default guess-o-meter with a single estimate guesses range based on your recent driving behavior. The enhanced range gauge makes 3 guesses with an upper and lower limit. Drive more efficiently and dots will visualize...
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    DC fast charge option installed successfully

    I confirmed compatibility between Bolt and Spark with the help of service manuals and online listings, then discriminated which to source based on availability and price. My batch of parts were sourced from Ingenext, because the price including shipping all from one place, was the best at the...
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    DC fast charge option installed successfully

    Yes, they did. The company that does the service is . Their engineers only work with in-person customers despite all the advertising on the forum and Weber Auto YouTube channel comments. It's funny, when I first inquired they suggested I drive 4,700 km to their shop in...
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    Charging Status PIDs

    Oh yeah, happens every time for me. I always copy-paste to at least my clipboard, or a Word doc, before hitting submit. Can't trust any form unless it has an autosave feature, and the save draft button is not one of those. As a last resort, if you hit back on your browser, there's a good chance...
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    Charging Status PIDs

    I've been meaning to try this out but only now found a moment to do it in real time, without the logging. Here is my test: The top video is 9 of the columns you asked for (sorry for not neatly organizing them) and the bottom video is what I normally glance at for...
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    Temperature problem?

    Thanks for sharing that. If the coolant heater is causing problems, you might want to check to see if the communication cable is damaged The fuse block should not have any high-voltage connectors, the voltages are automotive '12V' only. You must be referring to the Power Control Module (also...
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    car troubles :( smell and dead battery

    Well, just under the back seats is where the battery pack is housed, but it should be sealed up. The fact that you can SMELL something is pretty terrifying, but fortunately you're driving a 2014 Spark EV with A123's Lithium Iron Phosphate cells. They're very safe cells that do not have a runaway...
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    Temperature problem?

    Hey glad you resolved your issue! Could you give some more info on the solution? Which module was it? Was it sucking power and causing precharge to fail then? What did you do to repair it? Did you replace the module? What scanner were you using? If it was a generic OBDII scanner and a limited...
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    Temperature problem?

    This thread had to do with examining the interlock loop related to OP's code, or another malfunctioning sensor related to temperature. Your code is unrelated to this, but I can try and help answer your question. Visit for code explanation...
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    2016 Spark low charge?

    Hi Ev4me, welcome to the forum! I'm guessing the Spark just barely fit your range criteria and you didn't account for the range dropping, is that correct? The range between extreme winter and summer varies for all cars actually. It's less noticeable when you have a car capable of >300 miles of...
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    How To Get The Spark In Neutral With A Dead EV Battery

    Hi macarose, is there any update on your situation? Yes, the 12V battery absolutely needs to be charged or running off a power supply and provide enough power to start up the low-voltage systems. If the battery voltage is not high enough, you'll just get caught in a drain trap where the car...
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    Steering rack compatibility with other PNs?

    I don't think that's a thing. The world wide web doesn't seem to have publically accessible engineering drawings for OEM car parts, I briefly did an exhaustive search. What prospective buyers do get, however, are compatibility tables. I personally don't know of any datasheets or dimensional...
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    Can I flat tow 2016 Spark EV?

    Hey Mike, Whatever wheels an EV motors from will be the same wheels that EV will regen with. The Spark EV is FWD, and therefore the regen is FWD as regen in EVs is done by their traction motor. Because the Spark EV is FWD, the rear wheels only feature friction brakes and the e-brake. I don't...
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    Steering rack compatibility with other PNs?

    Hey Jlel12, Sorry to hear about the play in your steering rack / tie rod ends Its awesome to hear that you gave AllData's service manuals a try. This is anecdotal, but there have been many cross-compatible parts I've used from the Spark, especially since GM has discontinued several major...
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    Questions and Data tracking

    Haven't posted charts in a while! Looking at RSC's trend, the trendline is a poor but statistically significant fit at 60% R^2. You can roughly see from 2019 to 2020 that RSC's battery went from a period of accelerated degradation to a stage where it stabilized. It didn't seem like his car...