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    Problems with DC fast charging

    LOL, :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: As if an EvGo Rep would actually tell you anything useful. I've opened three separate cases regarding the Delta EvGo issue. I can barely get them to admit there is a car called the Spark EV. They call it "E-Spark"
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    Tesla Magic Dock & 2014 Spark EV Not Good News

    Guys!, please don't file down plastic parts on your Spark EV due to ancient posts to this forum. My attempt to use the Tesla Magic Dock in Enfield, CT in 2024 on my 2015 Spark EV was a bust. Clearly, there is no accommodation for the connector to lock. for the
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    Problems with DC fast charging

    Can you please provide any kind of label that indicates the charger equipment? It would be nice to keep records of this stuff. Just as an FYI. Every new Delta brand DC Charger installed in the last two years from EVgo has failed to work on my 2015 Spark EV. In addition, Tesla Magic-dock in...
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    ABS / Brake Bleed issue with 2015 Spark EV

    Hello fellow Spark EV owners, My odometer is at 66k and I wanted to be proactive and perform at brake flush on my 2015 Spark EV. In 2018 when I originally purchased the car from Carvana at 16k miles rather than pay $100 for a pre-inspection I spent a little more money on a VX Diag Nano for GM...
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    Brake fluid replacement? At 30K mi?! Special procedure?

    I'm always amazed how often people will give advice without actually being familiar with what they speak of. I attempted to do an old timey $6 boyfriend/angry girlfriend brake bleed on my 2015 Spark EV and have a few DTCs on my dash as well as a Stabilitrak error. There is a GM TSB that says one...
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    Electronic Parking Brake not working - 2015 Spark EV

    Hey guys, I ended up pulling the rear cover that covers the underbelly where the exhaust would normally be on an ICE Spark. I found that the electronic actuator had somehow become disconnected from the right brakes themselves. I don't know how this could have happened or how I got through the...
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    Electronic Parking Brake not working - 2015 Spark EV

    The guy at the inspection station told me the parking brake did not work. I asked him how one could ever determine that the car was not holding at 1300RPM when it was electric in the 1st place. He then said it does not even hold at all! He then put the car in neutral, applied the parking brake...
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    Square Setup for Aftermarket Wheels

    I bought some 14 inch wheels for the winter. One cool thing is the later model Volkswagens (1995 etc) use the same four bolt spacing and pattern. I ended up buying some old used VW wheels on Craigslist. Being able to test fitment in someones driveway is preferred though but seeing old VW wheels...
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    Considering a used Spark EV

    I agree. Obviously if you find a Spark EV at a killer price go for it but the Bolt EV does make a road-trip much less painful. An 11 mile commute is a non-issue for the Spark EV though. I kinda solved the lack of charging control on the Spark EV long term by buying an OpenEVSE and setting it to...
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    Electronic Parking Brake not working - 2015 Spark EV

    Hello Guys, I recently failed my state safety inspection on my 2015 Spark EV due to the Electric Parking Brake doing nothing in hold the car in place. When I activate the parking brake I certainly can hear a motor noise. At first, I did not think I could investigate any further without...
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    Jack points and tire rotation

    I saw the post by blb760 mentioning the "bare metal frame with hole in center of it" and by process of elimination figured that must be a reasonable jack point. I placed a Hockey Puck over that hole and found upon release of the floor jack 60 seconds later that this piece will indeed bend...