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    Problems with DC fast charging

    I also did the mod and tried it again. I'll have to try again and try a little upward pressure to see if it helps the communication handshake and actually starts to charge the car.
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    Problems with DC fast charging

    Also having problems with the LOOP network "Tritium" charging station. It hooks up with the LOOP APP or direct using a CC, but never finishes the final handshake to begin charging...??? I really NEED to get this 75KW DC Fast charger to work as it is ideally located between our home north of...
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    Checking battery on used '14--large discrepancy between guess-o-meter and the calculation method

    Here is a link to my writeup of our purchase of a used 2015 Spark EV. I have pics of what I call "Tech Warranty Battery Capacity Report", I don't know what Chevy calls it but I kept asking until they produced the data I needed to know I wasn't getting an abused battery...
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    Considering a 2016 Spark EV as a new daily driver

    We just bought a 2015 White Spark EV with ~37,000 miles for $5,500!!! They were asking $8,500 as was another dealer for a Black 2016 / 34,000 mile unit. The 2016 Black one showed the Blue Dot average range at 56 miles after a Fast Charge, then Level II charge, then a Level I charge that I...
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    Problems with DC fast charging

    I am also new to the charging challenges as we just bought a used 2015 Spark. So far the EVgo have all failed to work! the EV Connect have worked fine!
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    Spark trunk charger specs?

    Looking at buying a Used Spark. Does the charger that comes in the trunk only do 120v, 8-12amp charging, or is it dual Voltage 120v/240v capable with a 240v plug adaptor? I have a welder that is dual voltage and comes with an adaptor.