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    2016 vs 2014

    I understand the 2014 battery capacity is higher, but does it also degrade more rapidly than the newer batteries?
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    How to Measure Battery Health?

    I'm sure it's been asked, but what methods of measuring traction battery health exist? Are there PIDs that Torque can monitor? Is there any instrumentation built into the car to evaluate pack health? The reason I ask is that I'd like to be able to evaluate battery health when shopping for a...
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    A "funny" thing happened on the way to CarMax

    What's the point of buying a new vehicle if service is going to play replace the parts to diagnose issue at owners expense? Any monkey can do that. I'd never pay to replace something that wasn't broken. The service manager could give the keys back to me under his own accord, or I can forcibly...
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    Lithium 12v Battery Pack Replacement, $300 or less (LiIon/LiFePO4)

    I've been using this $130 20 Ah LiFePO4 in a Prius for the past 3 years: There's usually coupons for 10% off if you search the net, which essentially gets you free shipping. For a...
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    Scheduled Preconditioning?

    Ah, same as the Bolt then. Would be nice to have a set it and forget it schedule. Thinking of my mom that has a set routine and has to park the car on an uncovered driveway. I suppose using the fob avoids unnecessarily conditioning the car on those few days where you don't stick to the routine.
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    Scheduled Preconditioning?

    Does the Spark allow cabin preconditioning to be scheduled, either at the vehicle, or via phone app? I know the Bolt doesn't have this feature, but it's my understanding that the Leaf does. Anyone know if the i3 can be scheduled?
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    Is this a common? Looking at buying a used Spark EV

    It appears to be painted under the vinyl, so I'm curious why they covered it in the first place? Can it just be peeled off?
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    2016 Spark - Can't trade lease, need advice

    Buyout is way to high. Bolts are going for around $9-10k on the west coast. Eating the $1,100 isn't that bad in the scheme of things. Then again, there is some chance used EVs appreciate in the future when federal tax credits phase out. If it were me and I had a long period of time to make...
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    What is being offered at end of lease?

    Wow, that is way too high. I'm not well versed on the lease process. Who actually owns the vehicle? Is it the dealership that facilitated the delivery of the vehicle, or does the manufacturer own it? If people aren't buying their cars at end of lease, then hopefully the auction market drives...
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    What is being offered at end of lease?

    Has anyone actually answered this thread? I see 1 post say they were offered $16k, and another post saying $8k. That's a big difference. I skimmed through the pages and don't see many posts relating to the buyout price at end of lease. I'm curious as this will set my expectation when...
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    Get Spark to go 100 miles?

    That's 1 data point! You said the battery holds 17.5 kWh. 17.5 kWh / 10 kw = 1.75 hours of driving @ 55 MPH 1.75 hours of driving @ 55 MPH = 96.25 miles You're almost at your 100 mile target by driving 55 MPH if our assumptions are correct. Using your 11 kW consumption rate, the math is...
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    Get Spark to go 100 miles?

    As far as tire pressure is concerned, efficiency improves with diminishing returns as it is increased. In other words, going from 30 PSI to 40 will improve efficiency much more than going from 40 PSI to 50. That said, there is no risk of bursting the tire due to over-inflation. It takes several...
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    After 4 years, I am going to be done with my Sparks

    I must admit that I have never used a public charger and intend to never do so, but usually when I see an EV spot taken by someone not charging, it's because all the other spots have been taken. I can't fault anyone for taking a spot if the others are full. The problem of ICEd spots can largely...
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    Get Spark to go 100 miles?

    You've done half the math. Best bet is to do a trial run on the flat and see what your average kW consumption is at various speeds. Build in a safety margin for your trip, perhaps 5 or 10 MPH slower than your calculated speed. Here's a graph put together by Bob Wilson for a BMW i3. Looks like...
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    2015 vs 2016

    Are there any significant (non-cosmetic) changes between 2015 and 2016? I understand the 2014 had an A123 battery, and after that it changed to LG. Based on what I've read, I'm leaning toward a used 2015-2016 Spark rather than 2014 due to possibly slower battery degradation. I had planned on...
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    After 4 years, I am going to be done with my Sparks

    I have no intention of ever using public charging when I eventually get an EV. That said, I'm thinking of making some stickers that explain the importance of not blocking charging spots. I'll get the kind that cannot be removed without leaving behind the gooey residue. Slap these on the rude...
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    DC fast charging on my Spark EV

    I was going to make a similar comment, and was not surprised to see Oilerlord posted this. You will never get $750 back on the DCFC option in the private market, not even close. The value of EVs plummets so fast that the extra $750 becomes a significant amount of the total car value. There is a...
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    New Comparison site for EV emissions

    That website sucks. My electricity comes from hydro, and it said that charging an EV emits as much CO2 as an 86 MPG petrol vehicle. Further below, it goes on to show that an EV emits 1/4 of the CO2 as the average petrol vehicle. The website contradicts itself on the same page! I also put in...
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    TPMS for new wheels and tires?

    I suggest purchasing online since it's way cheaper and you can get reviews on the product before purchasing. $36 each is way too much.
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    Pay by The Mile Road Use Charge

    This sounds like the 2nd best way to fund infrastructure. The best way is to simply fund it through regular tax revenue, that way it gets properly funded each year, and it reduces overhead costs. Everyone benefits from road infrastructure even if they don't drive, so it makes sense to have it...