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    New main traction battery

    GM is still supporting Spark EV through the 8 year warranty...
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    Wrinkles in black trim tape between doors, how to fix?

    The decals are available from GM - same part for ICE / EV versions. Our 2015 had wrinkles on drivers side only - I removed them from front rear doors on drivers side before selling car... It allows me to keep track of it. 😅 bnc
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    Caravana Selling For More Than I Paid for it New I bought car new 6.5 years ago for $15.5 - Carvana just bought from me for $14.3k ... now, on to the next owner! bnc
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    23348215 battery tray

    No, I do believe the Tray to be assembly with batteries, but not complete pack.. bnc
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    Gm replaced high voltage battery under waranty

    Would you post the source for this supposed 'buy back' information? Didget
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    Jack points and tire rotation

    No rotation on original 2015 tires. New OEM tires installed on front at 21k miles, still on original rears... You guys must abuse tires... We do maintain the cars with tire balancing and alignment checked yearly. Bryan
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    12 fast charges and 690 miles driven in 24 hours

    Nice day trip - I've been wanting to take our 2015 from Raleigh to Winston-Salem, but have yet to try it out... Bryan in Raleigh
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    2051 Spark EV body paint are kind of thin.

    Odd... Our 2015 has fading paint as well on the rear wing thingy... But, still seeing ~80 miles of range daily on the GOM at 26k miles, so we got that going for us. Still staying on the L1 Home / L2 office plug nipple daily to full SOC. Bryan in NC
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    14 months of ownership starting to regret Owning a sparkev

    Two L2 charging spots located inside gated business facility, no other EVs on site... Car also has hanger tag with cell number listed, plus Security guards know how to reach me in extremely rare instance that another EV comes to town... No calls in 3+ years . And I'm the guy that does...
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    Questions and Data tracking

    I haven't checked our battery capacity yet, but we're still seeing 80-85 miles of range avg on GOM, on our 2015 Spark EV, and we're at 25k miles today. Always plugged in to Level 1 at home, Level 2 at office for ~8 hrs/day, and 14 DCFC full charges since we bought the car. Bryan in NC
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    14 months of ownership starting to regret Owning a sparkev

    Still have our 2015 Spark EV, now with 25k miles & still getting minimum 85 miles of range... Stays plugged in all the time when parked, typically Level 1 home & daily 8-9 hours on Level 2 at office. Used DCFC 14x since car purchased in 2016. Bryan in NC
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    14 months of ownership starting to regret Owning a sparkev

    Sounds like you may not have been a savvy consumer. bnc
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    GOM (estimated mileage) and battery degradation

    I'm just getting started with checking battery capacity after 3+ years & it's merely curiosity for me. I feel pretty confident that GM Engineers designed the packs to handle 100% charge at each 'fill-up' - Time will tell! Bryan
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    GOM (estimated mileage) and battery degradation

    Last night, I charged our 2015 Spark EV 2 LT at an EVGO station, and charged to 100%, with GOM showing 77 miles of range (50-degree temps last night). Car has been in our hands since late 2016, when we purchased it as a 178 mile demo unit. This is only the ninth time using L3/DC charging...
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    Front tire wear

    We changed the front tires (factory Bridgestone Ecopias) on our 2015 Spark EV at ~ 19k miles in August 2019 with another set of same tires when we had alignment checked. Car now has 23k miles & still on good tread / condition rear factory installed tires. Bought the car with 178 miles on it -...
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    Electrify America Charging Station Problems

    Stopped by the EA charge station here in Raleigh, NC this morning - found a number of the terminals to be down due to card reader issues, 3 would not connect to our 2015 Spark. Tried terminal 1, and it managed to connect & provided full charge. Spoke with EA Customer Service to let them know of...
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    Porsche mission e depreciation

    The Porsche 'likely' won't be a disposable car like the Tesla. Try buying new parts from Tesla - it ain't happening. Salvage prices on Tesla S/X are high due to lack of spare parts. And the 800-lb Gorilla in the room is the question: "What will it cost to service a Tesla that is out of...
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    Any Spark EV Owners in North Carolina?

    We've had our 2015 Spark EV since October '16 & have covered 11,7XX miles in that time. Car has been in for service on 2 occasions for 'Check Car' light - We still love driving the wee little beasty... and the local utility still provides free power for charging. PS: It would be GREAT if the...
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    7500 tax credit going away asap

    Wow... I went away for a few days, and Hell breaks loose. Re: EV tax credit - kill it. Now. With fire if required. It's on its way towards planned obsolescence, anyway. If it dies tomorrow, or a year from now, it still dies. From the politics side, there is no 'Progressive' position. It's a...
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    Recall notice concerning range estimation

    Is this considered to be an abnormal reading? :) Dealer performed the SW update yesterday - we'll see how it goes. bnc