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  1. J

    12v went bad but gremlins remain

    12v system during testing: Car off EVSE connected - 14+v (measured at battery terminals) Car startup EVSE disconnected: 15v initially - drops to around 14v idling (measured at cigarette lighter) Car driving: settled around 13.1v (measured at cigarette lighter) Car parked turned off but door not...
  2. J

    12v went bad but gremlins remain

    Trickle Charging the 12v battery disconnected from the car on AGM setting seems to have resolved our issue. Regards, Joe M in WV
  3. J

    12v went bad but gremlins remain

    Our 2015 started having a similar issue with the 12v battery losing charge while parked. When we purchased the car new, the dealer replaced the 12V battery - so not sure if the issue was there before and got worse or not. This spring the car only intermittently responded to key fobs, so we...
  4. J

    Wrinkles in black trim tape between doors, how to fix?

    Looks clean with the vinyl removed! Thanks for posting. Joe M in WV
  5. J

    Wrinkles in black trim tape between doors, how to fix?

    We had two ‘15 Spark EVs - still have one. The one we still have (and is garaged) never had issues with the vinyl wrap on the B pillars. The one we sold (not garaged) had same issue you describe early on. GM replaced the vinyl under warranty. However, the wrap didn’t stick well with the...
  6. J

    Gm replaced high voltage battery under waranty GM now says Spark EV traction batteries are just out of stock at the moment and will be produced again. We shall see . . . We have a 2015 with less than 8k on the odometer. Range is still indicated as 80-85 miles...
  7. J

    Original Spark EV floor mats available

    Regarding color of the floor mats- grey with blue piping. Joe M in WV [email protected]
  8. J

    Original Spark EV floor mats available

    The cloth mats are in like new condition - with factory installation tag intact. They were replaced with rubber mats after we took the car home from the dealer. The model 3 is long range - we plan on keeping it long term and felt maximizing range at outset would come in handy, especially...
  9. J

    Original Spark EV floor mats available

    We sold one of our two 2015 Spark EVs. It was a very sad day as that was one of my favorite daily drivers. We do have a Model 3 on order as a replacement so that both short and long range personal transportation will soon hopefully be combustion free. Anyway, we let the Spake EV go with...
  10. J


    Insurance is approx $400/year each for comp/collision with $500 deductible on our 2015 Spark EVs. Our other vehicles are around 20 years old so cannot readily compare EV vs. ICE. Joe M in WV
  11. J

    Battery Capacity Indicator

    Best practice is to start with a full charge and check capacity using the energy screen (leaf button on bottom right of infotainment display) after 50% or more of the available battery capacity is used. The two issues with doing that during a test drive are 1. Ensuring a full charge at start of...
  12. J

    Battery Capacity Indicator Joe M in WV
  13. J

    Long and Short Wife's brother stopped by with his new Model 3 dual motor long range. Nice ride for sure and would love to have one, but the little Sparks serve our 95% of our needs and cost less than half of the Model 3 for both of them. I love the sleeper aspect of the Spark...
  14. J

    Aftermarket speakers?

    I daily drive a 2015 LT2 and agree that the sound system seems quite adequate to me. I listen at home when sound quality is a significant factor. Then again, we all have differing priorities. Joe M in WV
  15. J

    Phones not Pairing- Bluetooth Issues

    Same happened in my 2015 Spark EV - auto bluetooth iphone connection stopped working. I navigated to the pairing screen on the infotainment center and the phone connected as soon as the pairing screen opened on the car. Although no action was taken on my part (other than navigating to the...
  16. J

    Car locks and unlocks itself

    Happens to me sometimes when fob is in pocket and I am crouching down - pants press on fob button causing unexpected locking/unlocking of car. This happened last weekend when putting summer wheels/tires on the car and resetting TPMS. That doesn't seem to be your case though unless you were...
  17. J

    Not charging

    Fob battery voltage was tested with a - - - battery tester. I'm pretty sure that the function of...
  18. J

    Not charging

    My understanding is that the slot (transmitter pocket) for the key on the steering stalk is simply there to locate the fob at a preferred distance and orientation to communicate efficiently with the wireless receiver. Hence no ability to turn the key in the slot. We have two 2015 Spark EVs...
  19. J

    Recommended Mechanic?

    I would guess any competent mechanic is fine for servicing systems outside of the power train. Chevy dealer is probably the only place I would take our Spark EVs for charging and/or power train system servicing. A Chevy dealer with Bolts on the parking lot might be a good indication that an EV...
  20. J

    Place Key in Transmitter Pocket

    Batteries are fine. Fobs are fine. Both 2015 Spark EV fob receivers are fine. It was wrong fob for the car that caused miscommunication. All good now. DRM nailed it - thank you! Regards and Happy Motoring, Joe M in WV