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    Vehicle For Sale 2014 Spark EV 2lt56k miles, charges to 63 miles of range on a 60 degree F day. Everything works.

    Best of luck with your sale. I've been advertising my 2014 (47k miles, similar charge) and gotten nibbles but no real bites. It's a niche item. We've gotten a few more nibbles with 'for sale' signs in the windows and we're making a point of doing all our errands in order to get more exposure...
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    Checking battery on used '14--large discrepancy between guess-o-meter and the calculation method

    xaviersjs -- I applaud your boldness at trying a 65 mile trip. I wouldn't dare. Our experience is that the range-o-meter is reasonably accurate. We have a '14 with 47k miles on it. We bought it used and have owned it for 8 years. I am in the SF Bay Area so we don't get super cold in winter...
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    [Software Glitch] Switching from Accessory/Service Mode to "Start" Bricks 12V System Causing 100A+ AGM Battery Drain

    Infinion: I have had a problem with my 2014 Spark EV twice in the last two months that sort of (maybe) sounds similar. In the morning the car is dead. It can be jumped to start, then runs okay. When I got it to the mechanic after a 20 minute drive, it died again. Battery was reading 11.97...
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    Operating system re-load

    Our ongoing problem with our 12 volt service battery (see forum for batteries, my post June 16) and our mechanics inability to find fault with either the battery or the car after numerous tests has suggested that maybe the software has been corrupted or damaged and we should have the dealer...
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    service battery charging system

    Thanks SparkE. When the service battery goes, the system dumps all stored codes so there's no record of what went wrong. I'll pass your suggestions on to the mechanic. I've given up on the dealer - they don't know, don't care, and just run up the bill. Thanks for your suggestions.
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    service battery charging system

    I have a 2014 Spark EV; I have had it since 2015 and am the second owner. Several times in the last two years the 12volt battery has died for no apparent reason. In all cases I drive it after jump start and it still does not charge. The service guys are mystified (Note: I have given up on...