Caravana Selling For More Than I Paid for it New

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Sep 3, 2016
Raleigh, NC

I bought car new 6.5 years ago for $15.5 -

Carvana just bought from me for $14.3k

... now, on to the next owner!

I really wish I bought a Bolt last year before things went crazy. I'd buy a 23 Bolt in a heartbeat, but I'm not a $3k-$6k over MSRP buyer, I'm a $200 over invoice buyer (real invoice including dealer incentives, not fake customer-ready invoices) . The prices for 2023 are way down again, from 2022, but we'll see how much they really are. I already had a dealer try to sell me a 2022 for like $6K more than a 2023. I guess I'll be waiting a while for the market to change. Oh, and I'll be keeping the Spark and getting rid of the Civic.
I know the saying about not timing the market but it's hard to believe that price will not drastically come down for all cars next year. With reports of all the new cars sitting in lots waiting for a part or two, 100k of them by one report. I really believe there will be tons of deal next year. The used car market is already coming down fast, except for EV.
Bolt_EV prices are very low so call every GM dealer within 200 +/- miles to find the best deal.
I'm aware that you shouldn't time the market, but it's difficult to think that prices won't go down significantly for all automobiles the following year. There have been rumours of 100k new automobiles sitting in lots waiting for a part or two. I firmly believe that next year will bring around a tonne more deals. With the exception of EVs, the used car industry is already declining quickly