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Jan 2, 2021
Just wanted to post an fyi of my experience the last couple years.

I bought a 2016 spark ev w 25k miles. I had it for a couple years during covid and at 62k miles it started to get unpredictable guessometer performance below 20miles of remaining range. Had to get it towed once. Replaced 12v battery, everything ok for a few weeks, then it was a brick. Main ip had a msg I don’t remember, but definitely couldn’t shift into gear or make power. It wouldn’t take a charge.

I was dc fast charging a few times a week for a year or so.

Dropped it off at the dealer for 13 months. I put 20k miles on their rental car. They put a ‘reconditioned’ battery in, but I’ve put 5k and guessometer range is about 95 miles. :) the picture is after I commuted 13 miles to work with an elevation drop of 200ft.

Anyway, gm made me accept the car w no warranty on the reconditioned battery, but I am quite pleased w the result regardless.


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Well it's about 8 years now on the car so, GM doesn't want to do any more work on them I bet.