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Apr 2, 2021
I seem to have a new problem with the touch screen on my 2015 Spark EV LT2. Say, I'm listening to the radio. Suddenly, I'll hear a little beep. Then again. And again. Sometimes several. I'll look down at the display, and it seems like I'm getting phantom touchscreen button presses. In particular, if you look at the station presets, the virtual button on the lower far right just keeps pressing over and over. It will actually select that position, then hold it, then program that button to be the station I'm listening to. This is intermittent, but once it starts happening, I can barely press anything on the touchscreen at all. I just keep getting overwritten by these repeated phantom button presses. If I manage to get to the next page of radio presets, the phantom press will program the rightmost preset again, this time, on the new page, to the station I have selected. If I do manage to change the station, then the new station will get programmed to be the rightmost button.

This comes and goes, but when it's happening, I can barely use the touch screen at all. Sometimes, if I try to change the volume, the volume will suddenly jump to maximum and it's nearly impossible to lower it. It keeps jumping to max. Eventually, I can get it back down and stable.

Any ideas? I imagine a repair or replacement would be rather expensive, if I can even get the parts.
The touchscreen in the Sparks and Volts are resistive, right?

The other thought, if it's not a depression on the screen from some form of impact damage, is that something may be in contact on startup, piece of dirt/debris on a corner of the frame that you can't see from your seat. Maybe get some screen cleaner and a toothbrush and go around the edges and clean out any built up gunk?

If that doesn't work, it's a $50 part on ebay and installation involves removing fascia...