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Infotainment same as ICE?

I am a new owner of a 2015 EV 2lt. I actually have not taken delivery yet but I’m very excited. I am wondering if anyone knows for certain if the infotainment set up is identical to the non-EV? I have seen a video where the speakers were replaced but I am interested in replacing the system for one that is Apple CarPlay and android auto compatible.
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Re: Infotainment same as ICE?

The display is integrated into so many of the systems. You shouldn't consider replacing it.
Amps, speakers and subs working with speaker level inputs would be fine.

Or just drive with ANC earbuds. That's what I do. 8-)
It's a noisy little EV S-Box at highway speeds.

For NAV duties I have a Garmin with a dashcam built in and the optional RF backup camera.
I use it in rental cars when vacationing. (My cell plan has me paying for data, but it is really inexpensive.)
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Re: Infotainment same as ICE?

Two things first:
I agree with Norton. Ability to see efficiency past, set 110v evse charge current from 8 to 12 amps (at least from the car), and if memory serves me correct, I think something to do with climate control is in there too. I wouldn't do it.
Secondly, I have no experience with the product I am about to provide a link for, but it could be of interest.

If it is an absolute necessity to have apple carplay and Android auto ( I'm sorry, but I don't get this. The UI and connectivity have been poor in my experiences ), you could likely add a second head unit with this product I found a while back, but never purchased ( I was wanting to use an android head unit to have a permanent display for torque pro/additional vehicle information ).


Why didn't I follow through? Mostly cost, and that's taking into consideration that my install labor is free. In addition to whatever head unit you pick out, which reputable companies can usually charge several hundred dollars for good equipment, you will pay a varying amount of money on install parts and labor, depending on what functionality you want that second head unit to have. I figured I could have accomplished this myself for just under $300 all said and done, but it still wasn't worth it to me. If you walk into a car audio shop wanting to do this, plan on spending somewhere in the neighborhood of a grand.

(Edit) Guess it helps if I provide the link I said I would. ... 6d5cd1795a
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Re: Infotainment same as ICE?

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