2016 radio in a 2014 car

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Jan 28, 2020
OEM radio went bad a few years back and I put in a unit from a gasser, which works as a radio, but no EV functionality (like changing charging rates).
I tried to overwrite the calibration files using vcx nano and an ACDelco SPS subscription, but it wouldn't finish the connection. It showed version differences and started the download, but never wrote them to the radio, never giving an error, just hanging up until I closed the session.
So, I went back in to eBay, recently and found a radio from a 2016 Spark ev for sale
John at Nordstrom's is very good about answering questions. He confirmed his interchange guidance shows its fitment only for 2015-16.
I showed that this unit fits 2014-16-
So, why wouldn't 42475604?
Thanks for any help. It's not critical, just be nice to have it working as intended.