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May 1, 2016
Gladstone, OR
I got our first Spark EV almost two years ago & finally have a couple mods planned for warmer (& drier) weather when I won't need the garage. However I have a couple other mods I'd like to explore here. There are 2 specific features we have on other vehicles that I REALLY wish Chevy would have included or I could add aftermarket. This thread pertains to a "key-free" door lock / unlock feature.

Background: Our 2010 Prius has touch sensors on the driver-side door handle that, when the key is within a certain proximity, allow for the door to be locked / unlocked with the touch of a finger. This lets you keep the key stored in your pocket / purse / backpack and get in and go (the Prius also has a push-button start) or exit the vehicle and lock it with a touch on the sensors. As we're all aware - the Spark requires you to dig out the key to lock and unlock the vehicle. The "key-free" door is a fabulously convenient feature & the Spark already has a proximity sensor for the key somewhere to allow the push button start.

Has anyone tried adding this feature to your vehicle with any success? I must be using the wrong search terms on "The Google" because everything I find relates to adding keyless entry to a vehicle with manual locks.
The Spark EV is like the first model year Volt. It has "remote keyless entry" and "passive start". That means you have to use the fob (remote) to unlock the car, but you can start the car by merely having the fob in the area. The second model year Volt got "passive entry" to go along with "passive start" so you just need the fob near the exterior and push a button on the door to unlock the car.

Google for "passive entry" and you'll probably find some better ideas. Let us know what you end up trying!

"Passive Entry" is indeed the key phrase. A bit of searching shows a bunch of aftermarket systems available on Amazon (among other sites).

Your comment about the passive entry on the Volt got me thinking about using standard Chevy parts. I can't find anything regarding this feature on a 2014 & 2015 ICE Sparks on the Chevy site. I did find these for the 2016 & 2017 ICE Sparks (see p. 4):

And this for the 2017 (see p. 28-29)

The 2015 Spark EV manual shows a spot in the fuse box for a "Passive Entry / Passive Start" fuse. (see p. 261 - fuse 62)

The door handles are different on the ICE 2016 & 2017, so I'd have to rework an existing handle to put in the sensor / wiring. Not sure if one would need the fancier '16-'17 2LT key fob. I'm hoping the Spark EV would accept a '16-'17 ICE locking module (or heaven forbid - just plugging in and connecting the sensor to the existing module) in order to activate the feature.

If you find your way with this please post. Its seriously the only real annoyance for me since I've had passive entry on my previous 2 vehicles (still own the 2012 Volt) I'd love to have it on my Spark EV too!
Not yet - I just got my daughter back from school for the summer & am wrangling with the back-up camera mod (1st on the list . . .)

I will post any updates if / when I get them . . .
Slightly unrelated but..

Is there a way to disable the automatic door lock feature? When I shift the car into PARK mode, all four doors automatically unlock.
Is there a way to change it so that only my door will unlock?
I wouldn't mind it so much if the door locks were less noisy. But they are pretty loud.
Sometimes I feel like I am driving a Bus, with hydraulic doors.