Batt Module temps while charging.

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Apr 2, 2021
SF bay area (Berkeley)
I just started playing with the Bold PIDs in TorquePro and monitored a few of them while charging the car from about 25% to full.

Module 3 seems to run about 3-5 degrees F hotter than the other ones by the end of a charge cycle. Is this variation within acceptable range?

Module 1: 57.2 > 66.2
Module 2: 59.0 > 66.2
Module 3: 59.0 > 69.8
Module 4: 59.0 > 64.4
Module 5: 57.2 > 64.4
Module 6: 59.0 > 66.2

I was expecting that the coolant would circulate during charging to equalize those temps, but I have heard the pump run only at the start of a charge cycle.

I am going to look at cell voltages next and internal resistance if there are PIDs for it.

Some other stats:
Charger efficiency: ~80%
Batt Raw Cap: 42.20 Ah
Batt Cap Est: 13.5 kWh (but the energy details page indicates about 16kWh, so not sure which is more reliable)