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Nov 27, 2021
I had accident with SPARK EV. My side airbags trigered. Now I manage the airbags. But car has NO power. How can I fix that problem. Like no conection betwin highvoltage and motor. Is that somethig to turn ON . Is that in software or is some fuse...
Have somebody idea how to do that...
I would say that the car has to be completely repaired and that includes what is called the SDM. That is the module that controls what goes on in a crash. It has to be programmed to the car.
Right, the SDM is keeping the high voltage contactor from engaging. In a gasser it keeps the fuel pump off.
I don't know if it can be reset or needs to be replaced. Either way, a dealership needs to do it.

I had a problem where my car would not move after a DCFC session.
Dealer followed their 'Trouble Tree' and replaced HPCM 1. Car worked until I DCFC again. Same problem.
2nd thing was to replace the SDM, $800 and not a warranty item. I insisted they do a DCFC before returning it to me.
It failed, but I was still supposed to pay for the SDM that did not fix anything. Something about once it's programmed to the car it can't be reused at all, , BS.
3rd try they replaced the HPCM 2 (the box that deals with DCFC, duhhh...) and the car has been fine for years.

I fussed and cried and called GM. They reduced the price of the repair to $200 for the SDM that didn't need replacing.

Good Luck,
Do you have insurance on the Spark EV?
Thank you
I found video how to resolve the problem.
1. SDM
2. HPCM1 and 2
And Spark EV work again

Do you know how to create new remote Key.???
Becouse I bought one but nobady can programing it.

Thank you again . If you traveling to Slovenia you are welcome ....