Entire rear interior for sale- 2016

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Jun 5, 2019
Anyone want/need to replace the rear interior of their spark ev? I did a "conversion" 2 yrs ago, and stripped out the entire rear of my ride. It's the level 2 "leather" and everything is in great condition:
Seat and back
removable deck lid
foam tool compartment
carpet and insulation spacers
side impact air bags- perfect shape, and probably something else out in the shed

I was going to save all parts, but I'm keeping car forever, and I will never "convert" her back to a 4 seater
I meant to post a nice "conversion" story when I tore her apart and put her back the right way for me. I will get to it. You won't believe what the inside of our spark's look like with only a film of aluminum foil and the dashboard showing. A huge silver cavern!

not include the plastic side wheel well covers or the 2 plastic speaker mount decks- reused in conv.

will accept 1st reasonable offer, and you would have to pick up near 17055. shipping would equal value of parts!
Al @ 7one7-856-one96six