First (and only) Failure @ 54k miles.

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NORTON said:
And that is one of the reasons some Chevy Dealers hate EV's.... :(

We have two FREE DCFC in Charlotte, NC, on the Greenlots network @ AAA repair centers. I charged at both today, and while charging at the second one (on WT Harris), watching mechanics pull in ICE vehicles and pull them out, I couldn't help thinking to myself, this seems to make no sense at all. You would think they'd hate EVs and not provide any incentives. Strange world.

NORTON said:
I ask about getting an upgrade for my Onstar service instead.
He said that may be possible and I'm waiting to hear back from him.

Don't hold your breath. They want to get you to enjoy $100 off of $500 worth of work ( and charge you $600 :lol: )

I loved the full on star, as it showed tire pressures, *CHARGING* (edit) status, and other niceties. I did find out that you can check *CHARGING* (edit) status via, but you get logged out every day.... Good luck.
Chatting status is when you're half asleep, not paying particular attention, using a Swype keyboard, and intended to type charging status ;) It's now been edited, thank you for pointing it out.

Hopefully the tip helps out some folks. GM has changed the way it appears on this site, for the better, since I've owned my Spark (likely due to Bolt and Volt owners).
Yeah - the two things from the "not free" OnStar sub that I really ever used from the mychevy app were "current charging status" and "where is my car" . Both were pretty darn useful. (The "directions to destination" I tried, but it was a pretty crappy implementation, IMO).
Не забувайте: це *може* бути акумулятор на 12 В! Дійсно дивні речі відбуваються, коли 12 В вмирає. Вони повинні спочатку перевірити батарею 12 В, перш ніж щось інше (включно з перевіркою навантаженням батареї 12 В).
Коли сідає батарея 12 вольт, машина гине повністю, навіть дверні замки не працюють