How i changed my transaxle fluid

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I do not show removing skid plate or transaxle pan that part is pretty obvious. There is no drain plug, make sure you capture all the fluid to measure correct amount to put back in. It goes without saying this is how I did it. You take your own risks .
I noticed you're not running stock tire sizes (or rims). How do you have it set up? How is it working out for you?
Working out fine. I get 65 mile range driving agressive in city, 60 on freeway going 60 to 65mph. I can get 95 if i drive like an egg on accelerator going speed limit no highway (45mph or less). I got 205/50 R15 86H ventus 2 all the way around with ultralight Helium koning 15 inch rims. Hate the stock tires but i have that set also on the original rims that i can swap if i want to. I run tire pressure at 40 psi. Speedo is spot on with these tires fyi


Helium rims (mine are silver) these are about the lightest rims you can get within the cheap rims category
Thanks so much for posting these pictures!
They are inspirational.
I need to do this work on mine....

Did it take more than 3 qts. ?
I saw the other thread. I'm sure Mobil 1 LV is fine. It's just gears and bearings in a box.
Took about 4 quarts (3 3/4 to be more accurate)
Not sure what you mean by LV mobile one fluid should be fine its the correct fluid to use sanctioned by GM

Mobil 1™ Synthetic LV ATF HP is an advanced full synthetic automatic transmission fluid formulated from synthetic base oils and an advanced additive system. It is approved and licensed by General Motors against DEXRON® HP ATF.
The Mobil 1 LV ATF HP should be fine.
The Spark EV drive unit is very simple.
I trust Mobil 1 products.

As Eldobro pointed out there is a newer spec for EV's from gm.
I may use that product,, just because.

But then I found some confusion when searching for that ATF, among them this:

Genuine GM 19369363
Fluid,Automatic Transmission Dexron 212B Acdelco 1Qtx12

Part Description
Fluid,Automatic Transmission Dexron 212B Acdelco 1Qtx12
Genuine GM parts are backed by GM's factory warranty which are high-quality vehicle-specific with the right fit the first time.
Manufacturer's Notes
This part is discontinued. It is no longer available for purchase.

I'm going to do this service to my Spark EV this summer. I'm right at the mileage it is called for.
Further research on what to use is needed..... :roll:

EDIT: So it turns out I bought a gal of Redline D6 ATF a while back thinking I would do this work early.
That's what it's getting ! :cool:
D6 is their version of a Low Viscosity ATF. It will be fine. All it does is lube the gears and bearings and move the heat around. It's a synthetic also so heat should not be a problem.

2nd EDIT: Just bought this!
So it's game on!
Sam, did you find a torque spec for the pan bolts?
And thanks for the tip that's it uses around 3.75 qts. !
I just did them by feel. Ive done so many oil pans i got a feel for them but if you find the torque please post it.

I also used the rock auto kit

From manual

Electric Drive Unit DEXRON® HP Automatic Transmission Fluid (GM Part No. 19300536, in
Canada 19300537).

File in Section: -
Bulletin No.: 17-NA-398
Date: December, 2017
Subject: Information on Correct Fluid for Bolt EV, Spark EV and Cadillac CT6 PHEV Hybrid
Electric Drive Units (Transmissions)

Brand: Model: Model Year: VIN: Engine: Transmission:
from to from to
Cadillac CT6
2017 2017 4EL70 (MRD)
Bolt EV 1ET25 (MMF)
Spark EV 2014 2016 1ET35 (MME)
Involved Region or Country North America, N.A. Export Regions and Korea
All of the vehicle applications listed above require DEXRON HP transmission fluid part
SK/Valvoline Fluid (GM Part No. 19331925, in Canada 19331926) from local stock/other
If the GM part is not readily available, Mobil 1™ Synthetic LV ATF HP (Exxon Part No.
19353429, in Canada 19353430) can be used.
Version 1
Modified Released December 15, 2017
19369363 is still a current part number and the dealer I go to has it on the shelf. Where did you hear it has been discontinued?
• The replacement Drive Unit will be shipped filled with DEXRON®-HP ATF. The “HP” stands for High
Performance. DEXRON® HP transmission fluid is a fully synthetic version of the older DEXRON® III fluid.
• Check and add/drain Drive Unit fluid to the correct level as instructed in Drive Unit Fluid Level and Condition
Check in SI before releasing the vehicle. Low or high fluid levels could result in erratic operation and internal
Drive Unit damage.
• Use of any ATF other than DEXRON®-HP may result in Drive Unit damage.
Caution: The Drive Unit fluid level must be checked when the Drive Unit fluid temperature is between 30 – 50°C
(86–122°F). If the Drive Unit fluid temperature is not within this range, operate the vehicle or allow the fluid to cool as
required. Setting the fluid level with a Drive Unit fluid temperature outside this range will result in either an under or
over-filled Drive Unit. Drive Unit fluid temperature greater than 50°C will result in an under-filled condition, Drive Unit
fluid temperature less than 30°C will result in an over-filled condition. An under-filled Drive Unit will cause premature
component wear or damage. An over-filled Drive Unit will cause fluid to discharge out the vent tube, fluid foaming, or
pump cavitation.
Fluid Type and Capacity
"DEXRON® HP transmission fluid is a fully synthetic version of the older DEXRON® III fluid.
Service Operation Approximate Capacity - Litres or Qts.
Remove and Install Pan / Filter - 4.2L or 4.4 Qts
Dry Transmission (Empty) 4.2L or 4.4 Qts
Fluid Level and Condition Check Procedure
The Drive Unit fluid level and condition check procedure includes the stepsto check the Drive Unit fluid level, as well
as the conditions of the fluid.
The 1ET35 Drive Unit is not equipped with a fill tube or dipstick.

Therefore, a fill cap in the top of the Drive Unit (see top arrow) and level set plug (see lower arrow) sets the fluid
level. 0
1. Operate vehicle until Drive Unit fluid temperature is 30–50°C (86–122°F).
2. Raise the vehicle.
3. Remove the front compartment air deflector.
4. Place the Drive Unit in Park.
5. With the scan tool, command the auxiliary Drive Unit Fluid Pump speed to ON for 10 minutes.
6. Remove the Drive Unit case level set plug.
7. Verify fluid slowly drips from the hole that the case level set plug was removed from.
a. If the fluid is flowing as a steady stream, wait until the fluid begins to drip from the case level set plug hole.
b. If no fluid comes out, add .5 L (.52 Qts.) of fluid until fluid drips out of the case level set plug hole.
8. Install Drive Unit case level set plug and torque to 12 Y (106 lb. in).
9. Turn off the vehicle.
10. Install the front compartment air deflector.

Thanks so much for posting this procedure!

4.4qts for a fluid/filter change... Interesting. Now I need an extra qt. of the ATF I plan on using.

Can you post pictures of the 'Fill Cap'?

Form your post:
Therefore, a fill cap in the top of the Drive Unit (see top arrow) and level set plug (see lower arrow) sets the fluid

Obviously to use this method the car must be jacked up and level. I'll have to skip the pump running portion.
Or fill it with 4.4qts. Drive it around the neighborhood briefly to hopefully have the pump run, then jack and level the car and remove the 'level plug' and see what comes out.
It may be slightly discolored due to the quantity that did not get removed when the pan was dropped.

I believe the 'scan tool' is the gm tool and not a standard OBD2 adapter. It needs gm diagnostic SW to make the pump run.

I like this little EV and want to keep it healthy as long as possible.
The A123 LFP based battery pack seems to be hanging in there just fine!!
4.4 qts is completely empty. You will never completely empty it. I would use the measuring method if i was you. The plug is the fill plug i showed the one i licktighted. I do not know how to link a pdf file.

Put this in google search and you should find it

The removal of the skid plate and transaxle pan is not demonstrated because it is quite simple. There is no drain plug, so be sure to collect all the fluid to accurately calculate the amount to be reinserted. Without a doubt, this is how I handled the situation.
Very clever, ThomasBrown. You're a spammer all right. You actually copied and pasted someone else's post so it would look real, then, right in the middle of a sentence, you added a spam link.
How i changed my transaxle fluid

It's great to hear that you've changed the transaxle fluid in your vehicle. Changing the transaxle fluid is an important maintenance task that can help to extend the life of your vehicle and improve its performance. If you could provide more details about your experience, I would be happy to hear them and provide any advice or insights that I can. What type of vehicle do you have, and what steps did you take to change the transaxle fluid?