rims/wheels size for mounting snow tires

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Jan 30, 2020
Vancouver BC
Hi, I just paid $250 to mount and dismount my snow tires for the last time. It is time to get permanent rims for the snow tires. Steel wheels are fine for me. Preferable from a wrecker.

Can anyone tell me if the front and back wheels/rims are the same (NOT talking about tire sizes)?

Can anyone tell me if the Spark gas front and back wheels/Rims are the same as the Spark EV?

One owner posted to me that rims from a first-gen Miata will work fine all around as long as I keep to the spec-sized tires. Can anyone confirm this?

Thanks for your help on this,
Rasta said:
Can anyone tell me if the front and back wheels/rims are the same (NOT talking about tire sizes)?

The front and rear Spark EV rims have different offsets and can't be swapped front to back.
The only tire rotation is side to side, so why bother with that.

I have a set of alloy wheels that have an offset that works front or rear. The center hole was too big so I had to buy 'hubcentric spacers'.
These wheels came with tires which I now use as my summer wheelset. Once they are done, hopefully later this year, I'll put winter tires on them. I did have to buy the correct TPMS sensors and had them installed when I got them. The 'Relearn' tool is cheap.

Sorry I don't have the exact numbers. The info is available somewhere on this forum..... :roll:

New alloys may be surprisingly cheap,,,, once you have all the info on which Rim width, bolt hole center, offset and hub bore numbers figured out!
You can find the TPMS sensors cheap.

I got a Bolt last fall and bought Steelies, and winter tires with the sensors and lugnuts for $806 from tire rack, delivered.
I am now a Winter Tire convert!
She drove the Bolt right up the snow and ice covered driveway one day. It took me 10 minutes to spin my Spark EV on AS tires up the driveway.
A 2mm spacer on the front will allow the rear 15 x 6.5 Rims to fit. But I guess not enough bolt thread engagement. So buy two more fronts to put on the rear if rotation matters to you. I rotate my front tires onto the rear rims when I want new front tires. My rears get tires when I’m tired of them on the front.