Two New Things From EVgo

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Nov 12, 2021
EVgo now is offering what they call Autocharge+. Once setup all you have to do is at an EVgo charger is just plug in and it will automatically start charging your car and once done charge your credit card associated with your EVgo account. This is pretty much how Tesla chargers work. In the EVgo app says the Chevy Spark EV are compatible with the system. I haven't sighed up for it and as far as I can tell it is a free feature.

The second new thing is you can now use your EVgo IFRD card to start a charging session at ChargePoint chargers. The payment for the charge will come right out of your EVgo account. I have tested this and it works great. My car charged at 52 KW at the ChargePoint charger and was paid right from my EVgo account. There weren't enough ChargePoint DC Fast Chargers in my area to make it worth my while to get a ChargePoint account but it is nice to know there are one or two more options in my area now. Plus now on road trips if an area has a convenient ChargePoint charger I can easily utilize it.