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Re: Unconventional Potential Owner

Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:22 am

All oil changes aren't equivalent
2015 Spark EV 2LT electric blue with DCFC
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Re: Unconventional Potential Owner

Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:02 am

I'm astounded that no one brought up, not the cost of fueling an ICE vehicle, but the necessity of the effort of fueling an ICE. The vast majority of people with EV's charge only at home, at work or both and so never have to even visit a service station.

I don't know the gentleman's distance from his chosen service station but I am about a 7 mile round trip from my preferred fueling location. As the gas station is not on my typical commute, this is a separate trip combined only with a grocery run. Over the course of a year that is somewhere between 150-300 miles of travel depending on how many times one has fill up just to maintain the ability to keep going.

Also ignored is the time spent fueling, which while minimal adds up over the course of a year, and the concurrent exposure to the cancer-causing benzene component of gasoline. While that risk is small, there being an infinite number of points between any two points, it is infinitely larger than the risk of contracting cancer from the act of plugging in ones EV at home.

Speaking of risk, there would no doubt be a small risk of electrocution from handling the EVSE but I suspect the risk that a garaged ICE powered car might somehow ignite and burn the house down causing the drivers death would be pretty much a wash.

I realize these 'justifications' are a little pretentious. Dollar wise, they're no more convincing than the earlier arguments so I'll tell you what sold me on this car.

I think what sold me on the 2014 Spark EVwas that it reminded me, not of well appointed 1969 Mercury Cougar or the somewhat exotic 66 Oldsmoble Toronado or even a hot, musclebound 69 Olds 4-4-2 or 69 Dodge Charger 440 but rather the '68 bare-bones Plymouth two-door coupe with its base cloth bench seat, no frills radio, small hub caps on steel wheels and black walls - This modest, even basic car all wrapped a muscular 383 4bbl with four on the floor and was adorned by the appearance of a small bird insignia. Yes, it reminds me so much of the plain jane 68 Road Runner because that famous 'sleeper' offered just 25 ft/lb more torque (425 ft-lb vs. 400 ft-lb) than the 2014 'plain Jane' LT1 Spark.

From a write up of the 68 Road Runner ...
[quote]By 1968, muscle cars had evolved from mainstream models with expensive special engines to expensive special models with expensive special engines. What the youth of America needed was an inexpensive mainstream model with an inexpensive special engine. The 1968 Plymouth Road Runner was just such a muscle car.

It started with a pillared coupe, the lightest and least-costly iteration of the handsome new Belvedere body. The engine was Mopar's proven 383-cid V-8, but with heads, manifolds, camshaft, valve springs, and crankcase windage tray from the big, bad 440 Magnum. With its four-barrel carb and unsilenced air cleaner, the new mill made 335 bhp with 425 ft-lb of torque.

Serious-minded standard features included a strengthened four-speed manual, 3.23:1 gears, beefed suspension with high-rate rear leaf springs, 11-inch heavy-duty drum brakes, and Polyglas F70X14s. TorqueFlite was optional. The interior was bench-seat austere, and the base price was a stingy $2,896. [quote]

The Spark is no 'muscle car,' it is far more refined with four-wheel disc brakes, stabilitrack and ABS. Its near 50-50 weight distribution is a lot better than the base Spark. Where the 383 Plymouth was known for lumpy performance idle, unsilenced aircleaners and growling exhaust, the whisper quiet electric Spark EV is as different from its ICE counterpart as the Road Runner was from a 225cid 6 cyl Belvedere with which it shared its sheet metal, base seats and dash. And it is different in the same way.

Every car is molded by its time and the Spark EV, as as pioneering EV was built to dispel the notion that mainstream electric powered cars - green cars - can be fun and don't have to be slugs like the Prius, Leaf or Smart EV. So while the Ferrari's, Porsche's and Jaguars of the 1960s were in a different class altogether from the basic American sedan, it was cars like the Roadrunner that proved American iron could be tons of fun.


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