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Chevy Spark recall for hood latch corrosion

2014 Chevy Spark EV silver ice metallic Apparently all Chevy Spark Electric Vehicles built in between January 17th, 2012 and July 29, 2014 are prone to having the secondary hood latch corrode. The corrosion could cause the striker to get stuck out of position, which increases the chance of the hood flipping up in front of the windshield while driving. Sounds like […] Continue reading ->

Chevy Spark on again in Canada

Chevy Spark EV charging picture There’s been some back and forth, so take this news with a chance it could be changed in the future. Chevrolet Canada has announced the Chevy Spark EV will be available for public sale, not just fleet sales, starting with the 2015 model year. Robert Pagé, Communications Manager at GM Canada, has confirmed, and re-confirmed […] Continue reading ->

Chevy Spark EV DC fast charging priced, distribution ramping up etc

Chevy Spark EV charging picture The Chevrolet Spark EV has been selling right around 100 vehicles each month, and although that isn’t very many, GM says that people are very excited about the car. GM says it is still ramping up distribution of the Spark EV “so some of that (low inventory/sales) is due to getting the product to the […] Continue reading ->

27 Chevy Spark EV sales in first month

2014 Chevy Spark EV ready for takeoff Starting on June 19th with the first Chevrolet Spark electric vehicle sold, the automaker managed 27 sales before the end of the month. GM shipped about 75 units to dealers before the end of the month, so 27 sales is quite high. Compared to the Smart Electric Drive, which sold 60 in its debut month […] Continue reading ->

Fiat 500e reviewed by Edmunds

Fiat 500 electric vehicle at 2010 Detroit Auto Show Recently, Edmunds took the Fiat 500e for a test drive, and they liked it. Starting with the bad, their main concern was the cargo and passenger space the battery pack took up. They were also disappointed that Fiat will only be selling the 500e in California, initially at least. Edmunds wasimpressed with the wide array […] Continue reading ->

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV now available at some dealerships

Chevy Spark EV Back in March, Chevy reps said the Spark EV would be on sale by July if everything went according to plan. Here we are, 2 weeks to July, and Chevy has shipped 2014 Spark EVs to at least 2 dealerships in California. That means shipments are on there way to other dealerships, and likely to […] Continue reading ->

Chevy Spark EV as low as $19,995 after incentives

2014 Chevy Spark EV silver ice metallic Chevrolet announced pricing for the Chevy Spark EV today. The new 2013 Spark EV 1lt has an MSRP of $27,495 before tax incentives. After the full $7500 federal tax credit, the total price is $19,995 which includes the $810 destination freight charge. The pricing announcement puts the Chevy Spark EV almost $1000 cheaper than the […] Continue reading ->