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Re: anybody have the "service vehicle soon light" come on?

Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:55 am

AbelGoddard wrote:I had the check engine light flash on December 26 last year. I had the day off and the car was 6 months old and under warranty (bought a new 2015 in July 2017 for a song) so I just went right to the dealer. They were able to see that the check engine light was told to turn on, but not WHY it was told that. Light went off after they cleared it. They couldn’t get it to turn on again. Got my car back with a ‘sorry we didn’t do anything’ and the light came on the next day. Took it back for another round, still nothing. Ultimately nothing has changed and the light hasn’t come back on. So, yay?
I had the same problem last December with my leased 2015 Spark EV. I scanned the OBD2 port, found a fault code and took it to the dealer. The dealer verified the code and ended up replacing a charging module. It took 6 weeks to get the part but the car was still drivable. When I got the car back and while I wait for the part, the check engine light was off. Also, I was told by the dealer that the DCFC function would not operate. Wrong! It worked fine but I lost about 1.5 kWh in battery capacity. Replacing the part did not restore the lost battery capacity but the car functioned fine with no further episodes of the check engine light.

I would suggest your first step would be to have someone [dealer or friend] scan the OBD2 port for possible fault codes. I would also suggest you make sure the 12 volt battery in the car is fully charged. The Spark EV battery is an AGM battery, has special charging parameters and requires an AGM battery charger. 12 volt AGM batteries can be tempramental. DO NOT use a standard 12 volt flooded-cell battery charger. I would suggest a 12 volt AGM battery charger with a desulfating function.

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